Charity & Public Work

ULKC has done a lot of work over the years with various charitable organisations, both locally in Limerick and Ireland, and abroad.

What we do !

Locally, we perform a River Cleanup each year, clearing the Shannon banks and islands in the University area and towards the City of refuse that would otherwise continue to spoil the local environment. We have also in the past raised money for Limerick Animal Welfare, the Irish Community Rapid Response and we provided assistance to the Special Olympics, Wetsuit Revival Project & the Rape Crisis Centre annual paddle.


Abroad, we raised funds and provided hands-on experience for local charities in Bujagali in Uganda, we’ve raised funds for children’s charities in the Zanskar region of northern India.


If you have an idea for charity work or how we could help your organisation, please do get in contact and we’ll gladly assist if we can.