The club runs a number of courses related to safety and training every semester available to members at a subsidised rate to ensure high standards on saftey on the water 

River Safety Rescue – RSR

These courses deal with the core skills of safety and rescue in the river environment. Courses are run at levels catered for Grade I to Grade III rivers. A Canoeing Ireland certified qualification

Remote Emergency Care – REC

This course focuses on dealing with incidents far from medical help with the minimal equipment you would carry while participating in or leading outdoor activities. A Canoeing Ireland certified qualification

Whitewater Technician

This is a three-day course designed for the members at a minimum level 3 kayaking standard to provide you with the necessary skills to perform rescues in whitewater river situations. It is both classroom and river-based

Upcoming Courses

At the moment we have no details of upcoming courses, please check back once semester 1 begins for more details!