By Cormac Rowe & Joe Doyle


Tuesday the 8th September marked the beginning of what will be another kayaking filled year here at ULKC with all the new kayakers hopping into the pool to kick things off to a good start.

With a paddle in hand and a wobbly boat, these are the first steps to becoming a world class kayaker. Eager new members tearing off on the water getting to know the ins and outs of how to paddle while at the same time avoiding the 60 other kayakers paddling around them.

For the people who didn’t get into a kayak we had nearly two full teams of water polo having a laugh waiting to swap over and try out the kayaks. The looks of awe could be read on the faces of the new paddlers of ULKC as some of the older members decided to show off what a kayak could really do; loops in the air and all sorts of acrobatics were demonstrated.

11:00pm finally came and it was time to get out of the pool. However, all was not yet finished. Afterwards we gathered our gear up and headed down to the Scholars Bar to welcome the new members of the club.

Wednesday night could not have come any sooner. We were all back charging on down to the pool area to get ready for another exciting night of kayaking. This time everyone was ready. Sixty odd paddlers raced on down to get into their desired kayak to take on another paddle filled hour of kayaking. You could feel the ULKC spirit as you walked in on everyone having fun in the pool, excited to be back again. The ULKC members showed off the different disciplines of the club with freestyle and polo. Not many are aware of just how much of a team sport kayaking is. It takes agility and stamina to become the best, but Wednesday night was all just a bit of banter.

Once the clock ran out, we all got dressed and headed to Scholars Bar to reminisce on what we had all done so far. Many even surprised at how much they had developed in such a short time.

Thursday night was no normal Thursday. Often ranked as one of the top nights of the year in Costello’s Bar/Nightclub. The ultimate trifecta of ULKC, UL Surf Club and UL Outdoor Pursuits armed with all our fresher’s, we headed on out from Scholars Bar into town to participate in a night not to forget. The dancefloor was hardly seen over the amount of club members taking it over. Mosh pits, awkward dance-offs, you name it, we had it all! Only to be walking into college the next day like zombies waiting ‘till the next kayaking session on Tuesday.

This week was only a small sample of what is to come.