ULKC Killarney trip October 2013

It’s Friday 15.30 and I’m going back to my house from the last lecture. We finished early. Hooray! I’ll have more time to pack and get prepared for the second weekend trip with ULKC!

Quick snack, quick pack and I’m heading to the UL Boathouse. There we all had a meeting to gather all the gear, put boats in the van, on the van and on the trailor. It didn’t take long and soon we were ready to set off. After two hours we arrived to a beautiful pre-Halloween town of Killarney. I think it’s quite appropriate that we kayakers stayed at the Neptune’s Hostel.

After everybody took their bed, party in the common room (?) could begin. Although we were really quiet, the hostel’s security had a problem with us. After midnight we left the hostel and a bunch of us went to a night club in the city.

The next day the advanced kayakers (and only those of them who were able to wake up) got up at 6.30 to go on the river Flesk. Even though there wasn’t as much water as we’d expected it was a really enjoyable run – despite the constant rain.

Right before noon we joined the rest in Killarney and we all went together on the Lower Caragh where the situation with water was almost opposite. We got on the river on a place which used to be a field. It was perfect river for beginners and everybody enjoyed it. The weather got better and we were able to see the sun for most of the time.

Right before sunset we arrived back to Killarney ready for another party. Again we began at the Hostel and soon we moved to the night club. I don’t know exactly why but after like half an hour in the club there was a small reorganization and we got a separate part of the club. Party was fun – this time even better thanks to an extra hour because of the time change and no need of early waking.

In the morning we had to leave the hostel by 11 am. After that everybody left for the Sullane river. This was a different one – narrower compared to the wide Caragh – but still with loads of water. Even though the branches on the banks appeared to be a good handle in fact they were not. The swimmers can confirm. It was a long river and when we finally arrived to the get off point it soon got dark.

Quick shuttle with cars, boats on the van, in the van and on the trailer. It was almost 10 O’clock when we arrived back to the Boathouse. Luckily, the next day was Bank Holiday so everybody had time to recover from this wonderful weekend.

I am an Erasmus student from Czech Republic and there is nothing like this club on my home university. I will miss lots of things about Ireland but I already know that I will miss ULKC the most. Every student on UL should take the chance and join a club or society of their interest, because maybe you don’t know it yet but you are really lucky to have them here on UL.