Fresher’s Night Out Tonight! – 18th Sept 2014

Fresher’s Night Out Tonight! – 18th Sept 2014

High excitement in the club this week as the members prepare for our Fresher’s Night Out in Costello’s Tavern! The UV Paint Party is going to be EPIC! Meeting at Scholars @8.30pm for fun and games before we head to Costello’s for a fun filled night! To those who have tickets, we’ll see you there! And to everyone else, there’s still a handful left! So get in quick! Fresher Party 1

ULKC! Click here for pool and meetup times!

The Short & The Sweet
TRI–WEEKLY POOL SESSIONS: Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday. Meet at UL Arena pool at 9:45pm each night.
OUTBACK TRAINING – Super fun paddling sessions on the river behind the Boathouse on Campus. Spend an hour or 2 of your day brushing up on new kayaking skills. Weekly sessions, details can be found on our forum!
RIVER TRIPS – Weekly. Details and info will constantly be posted to the forum so get on there! Every time you go paddling don’t forget a towel, swim togs, an old pair of shoes and warm clothes for after, especially as the summer ends! ULKC provide the rest!
€5 Membership fee for an ENTIRE YEAR! This covers you for pool sessions, outback trips and all the gear usage! Not to mention an invitation to some of the craziest social gatherings on campus! Not bad eh!

ULKC Promo Video 2014

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone in ULKC is looking forward to another amazing year of paddling filled adventures and fun and we’d love for you to join us. 

Come to the recruitment drive on Wednesday, September 10th in the UL Arena between 5 and 8pm to sign up.


Sign up at our pool sessions at 9.45pm – 10.45pm in the UL Arena Pool every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. The first session will be on the 11th of September. All are welcome, no matter what experience level you have!

Here’s a video of what what we’re all about! #ULKC#DoSomethingEpicEveryday